What Our Customers Say

  • I highly recommend Elite Car Care!

    Russell R.
    Took the 2005 Denali XL in to have them repair the one of the rear windows that did not work. Described the problem over the phone and made an appointment for the next day. It took them only one hour to perfectly fix it. The cost was extremely reasonable and the owner (Ed) was genuinely kind. His son (Ed Jr.) did the work and was just like his Dad. I am very very pleased with my experience with Elite Car Care. It's like finding a good Dentist, but even more so that when you finally find an honest and good mechanic, you keep them forever. I highly recommend Elite Car Care!
  • These Guys are Awesome!

    Emmanuel M.

    These guys are awesome! They are honest and fair, I always take my vehicles here for repair they also own the Smog Only in the same complex. I recommend this shop to everyone who asks me if I know a mechanic. Family owned and operated.

  • Friendly, Polite, and Quick.....

    Craig S.
    Went in to see if I needed a new battery or if the problem was more then that. They checked my battery for free, then said they didn't have the battery I needed, and recommended where I could get the right battery. Never once did they try and sell or push anything on me. Instead of dealing with someone else, I asked if they could get their hands on a battery for me, and they said yes, and that the car would be ready to pick up by the time I got back from lunch. Friendly, polite, quick. I have other work that needs to be done, and I will be taking it to Elite Car Care!
  • Highly recommend Elite Car Care!

    Edaline Lavender
    First I want to thank the previous reviewers. It was there praise of this particular establishment, plus a word of mouth referral that led us here. We brought our car in, they gave us a list of everything that needed to be done. The owner told us how much each item would cost and allowed us to determine what order we wanted work done in. The prices are far, the staff is courteous and friendly. Most importantly OUR CAR RUNS LIKE NEW! Highly recommend Elite Car Care. We won't be taking our vehicle any place else.
  • Seriously, they're that good...

    Roger L.
    Finding a good and honest mechanic is harder than finding the lost city of Atlantis. Look no further, you found the best already. Ed and his staff at Elite Car Care are stand up people that are committed to doing exceptional work. I've been doing business with them for 5 years and I refuse to have anyone do work on my vehicles unless I'm out of town. If Elite Car Care was a publicly traded company, I would rate them as a strong buy! Although, you wouldn't be able to buy it, because I would own it all. Seriously, they're that good... Thanks Ed, your the best!
  • Honest Mechanics in Palmdale...

    Tim S.
    I've been going to Elite Care for over 20 years and have "Never" had them try and sell me work I didn't need ...period. I went in one time to get a Smog Cert and the car wouldn't pass at first and they spent an hour tweaking the motor till it passed and only charged me for the Smog Cert, I can't say enough about these guys, after being "Ripped Off" by so many auto shops in the AV it's nice to see that there are some "Honest Mechanics" still left.
  • Elite Car Care will be my go to repair shop from now on.

    Adam W.
    I've had good and bad experiences with AV auto repair shops, but this is the first time I've been surprised at the service. They were quick, polite, straight to the point, and were able to diagnose the problem with my car in a manner of minutes. Never did I get the impression I was being gouged, and they were able to pin point damages to the car the last place I went to missed. I even had to leave my car over night so they could track down a specific part yet they had a loner car waiting for me use. Elite Car Care will be my go to repair shop from now on.