How to Maintain Your Car Engine in Long-Lasting Good Shape

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Some of us try to save on regular servicing and will drive our car until it breaks down. But there are many things you should check regularly to make sure that you are not wearing your car engine out. Here are a few essential conditions for longer engine life. You can do these yourself or get a reliable mechanic to assist you in maintaining your car.

Lubricate your engine

Keep the oil level full, change oil and oil filter regularly, etc. Keep the engine from overheating Check the cooling system periodically: check for any signs of leaks, the coolant level, radiator, etc.

Don’t skip part replacements and tuning

Many items in the car need to be tuned and replaced, such as the timing belt, spark plugs, throttle body, carburettor, etc.

Fix any small problem right away

If you hear an unusual noise or notice any performance problems, don’t delay – get to a mechanic right away.