What to Do if Your Car Overheats in Palmdale or Lancaster

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An overheating car is no laughing matter.

Ignoring the situation is the last thing you want to do. Continuing to drive while your car keeps getting hotter and hotter will lead to all sorts of problems. The hotter the engine gets, the greater the likelihood that the cylinder heads will warp. When this happens, the pistons can become so hot, that they weld themselves to the cylinders which effectively destroys your engine. At this point, you’ll have to go to the massive expense of replacing the engine.

There are a few different reasons your vehicle starts overheating, including:

  • A leaking radiator
  • The radiator fan isn’t working correctly
  • The water pump broke
  • A clogged coolant hose


Symptoms of an overheating car include:

  • A burning smell
  • The temperature gauge in your car is at H
  • Steam billowing out from under your car’s hood


The most important thing to do when your car starts overheating is to act quickly. Weirdly enough, the first thing you should do is crank up your car’s heater. This might seem strange, but your car’s heater works by drawing heat from the engine block, that’s why your heater blows cold air when you first start driving on a winter’s day. Turning up the heat when the engine is overheating, pulls the heat away and decreases some of the damage being done to your car.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, pull over and shut off your engine. Shutting the engine off won’t cool it down, but it will prevent the temperature from climbing even higher and doing more damage.

Sit and wait for about 15 minutes. This is about how long it will take for your car to cool down enough for you to safely lift the hood and investigate why your car suddenly started overheating.

If the issue is something simple, like you have low coolant, you will be able to add some more and drive at least far enough to get home. The same is true if you have a minor leak, though you’ll have to stop periodically to add more coolant. However if the problem is so severe that any coolant you add simply leaks out or immediately evaporates, you’ll need to have your car towed to your favorite mechanic who will diagnose the problem and replace the damaged parts.

Whether you’re dealing with an overheating vehicle or simply need a tune-up, we’re here and ready to help. We provide outstanding service at prices you can afford.

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