What to Do Prior to Selling Your Used Car

Palmdale Auto Shop

There comes a point in every car owner’s life when they realize it’s time to upgrade. That means selling your current vehicle and replacing it with something a little bit newer. If you’re selling your vehicle yourself rather than taking it to a dealership for a trade, there are a few things you should do first.

Clean It

When you’re preparing to sell your used car, you need to make sure the interior and exterior are clean. This goes beyond getting your personal belongings out of the vehicle. The best way to attract interested buyers and get your asking price is by taking it to a car wash and making sure the exterior is shiny. Getting the interior detailed is a great idea, but if you don’t want to go to that expense, grab a package of cleaning cloths and remove all the interior dust. Wash the windows and vacuum the floor. If you have a handheld carpet cleaner, you can use it to clean the seats.

You won’t believe how much faster your car sells when it’s clean.

Gather Up Your Paperwork

Don’t wait until someone asks for the paperwork before getting it ready to go. Before listing your car, make sure you have the title and maintenance records. Keep them somewhere handy so you can quickly grab them when an interested buyer wants to see the documentation.

Be Realistic About How Much You’ll Get for the Car

While the Kelly Blue Book is a great place to gauge the potential value of your vehicle, don’t assume that you’ll get the full value the KBB states. Be realistic about your car’s current condition and ask yourself how much you’d be willing to pay for it.

While it’s okay to set a high asking price, be prepared for the buyers to ask for a lower amount and know just how low you’re willing to go.

Create an Appealing Ad

Customers are going to make split-second decisions about whether they’re interested in your vehicle based on the pictures and info you use in the sales ad. Do you best to talk up the vehicle without lying about known conditions? Pair the written ad with some really good photos of the car’s interior and exterior.

Do you want to resolve some minor mechanical issues before selling your car? Contact us today and book an appointment!