Tips to Stop Your Car from Overheating

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Even in the cooler temps of fall and winter, an overheated car can stop you in your tracks. When a vehicle overheats, the engine runs too hot and can potentially damage your vehicle or even destroy your engine. 1. Turn the engine off. “If your car overheats on the road, the first thing you need […]

How to Maintain Your Car Engine in Long-Lasting Good Shape

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Some of us try to save on regular servicing and will drive our car until it breaks down. But there are many things you should check regularly to make sure that you are not wearing your car engine out. Here are a few essential conditions for longer engine life. You can do these yourself or […]

Keeping Your Car Clean | Palmdale Auto Repair Shop Tips

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If you love your car as much as most people do, you’ll want to take care of it. Here are a few basic cleaning tips to keep your car in good shape. Keep the Outside Clean Regularly wash the outside of your car to help ensure it has a long life. A clean car protects […]

What Should I Do If My Car Overheats?

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The cooling system for your engine is what’s known as a vital system. Simply put, you can’t go anywhere when it’s not functioning properly. As Popular Mechanics explains, your gasoline engine goes because of controlled explosions. Imagine the heat that that process can generate! So, in turn, your cooling system does just that: it helps […]