The Importance of Using a Reliable Palmdale Mechanic to Prep Your Vehicle for College


Many college students are prepping to go to college. Part of the preparation process is eyeballing their vehicle and trying to figure out just what it will take to make it ready for the upcoming college semester. Most students will change the oil, top up the gas tank, and consider themselves prepared. The smart students […]

Is Your Timing Belt Trying to Tell you Something?

Palmdale Auto Repair Shop

There was a time when timing belts were found in all vehicles. The strong, ribbed belt was essential to making sure that both the cranks and the camshafts were properly timed. A damaged timing belt resulted in the upper and lower sections of your vehicle’s engine to fall out of synch with one another. Which […]

Listen to Your Car – Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light


While cars can’t speak to us, they do their best to tell us when something is wrong through the lights on the dashboard. Some vehicle owners may choose to ignore those signals when they come on, but it’s important to always listen to what your car is telling you. For example, we often hear about […]

Smelly Car Syndrome And How A Cooling System Flush Helps Your Car


When your car’s cabin starts to smell sweet or like something is burning when you run heating/cooling, that’s a sign that it’s time to get your coolant flushed. If you think you can just power through the smell to save money, you’re running the risk of your vehicle breaking down due to overheating. Coolant doesn’t […]

How to Pass the California Smog Check

california smog check

Taking your car in for a smog test can be nerve-wracking. If your car doesn’t pass, it could mean costly repairs, late DMV registration fees, and all the stress that comes with unexpected expenses. Unless your car is brand new, you might think that passing is up to fate. But there are actually several steps […]

5 Maintenance Tips to Help Keep Your Car Running Longer

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Most days, our cars take us smoothly from here to there … and back again. So, not surprisingly, we often take their reliability for granted. But even the trustiest of vehicles still relies on you to complete five basic maintenance steps for better survival in the long run. You should likely have lower maintenance and […]

Elite Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips

Here are some of the things you can do to ensure improved gas mileage for your car: Driving Habits Keep your car clean. Mud on the undercarriage can weigh a significant amount and slow you down. Consolidate your daily trips and errands. This will also save you the cost of restarting your engine, which uses […]

Comprehensive Transmission Repair & Maintenance in Palmdale, CA

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Experts in Transmission Replacement, Clutch Repair, Fluid Exchanges, Flushes & More Elite Car Care is the best choice for transmission and clutch services for Palmdale, Lancaster, and Antelope Valley residents. Our ASE-certified technicians are transmission specialists with years of experience and an excellent track-record for achieving complete customer satisfaction. We work on both manual and […]

Check Engine Light Services in Palmdale, CA

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Your car’s check engine light can be triggered by anything from a loose gas cap to a major problem with your engine’s performance. While in many cases the check engine light is found to be the result of minor problems, it is always recommended to have your vehicle checked out by a qualified professional as […]

Palmdale Transmission Service, Repair, & Replacement

Palmdale Auto Repair Shop

Since 1986, drivers in Palmdale have come to us for transmission repairs. We know cars inside and out. We use our decades of experience to diagnose the precise cause of malfunctioning transmissions and failing clutches. Our customers have learned to expect expert transmission work and know that they can depend on us. Our technicians work […]