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Yes, Your Vehicle Tune-Up is Important!

Things like regular oil changes and rotating your tires are easy to remember. Making sure our vehicle’s get to the ...
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Brake and Light Inspection in Palmdale

Brake and Light Inspection in Palmdale

Looking for a brake and light inspection near Palmdale & Lancaster CA? Elite Car Care has got you covered. When ...
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The Importance of Using a Reliable Palmdale Mechanic to Prep Your Vehicle for College

Many college students are prepping to go to college. Part of the preparation process is eyeballing their vehicle and trying ...
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Is Your Timing Belt Trying to Tell you Something?

There was a time when timing belts were found in all vehicles. The strong, ribbed belt was essential to making ...
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Listen to Your Car – Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

While cars can’t speak to us, they do their best to tell us when something is wrong through the lights ...
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Smelly Car Syndrome And How A Cooling System Flush Helps Your Car

When your car’s cabin starts to smell sweet or like something is burning when you run heating/cooling, that’s a sign ...
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california smog check

How to Pass the California Smog Check

Taking your car in for a smog test can be nerve-wracking. If your car doesn’t pass, it could mean costly ...
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5 Maintenance Tips to Help Keep Your Car Running Longer

Most days, our cars take us smoothly from here to there ... and back again. So, not surprisingly, we often ...
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Car Care Tips

Elite Car Care Tips

Here are some of the things you can do to ensure improved gas mileage for your car: Driving Habits Keep ...
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Comprehensive Transmission Repair & Maintenance in Palmdale, CA

Experts in Transmission Replacement, Clutch Repair, Fluid Exchanges, Flushes & More Elite Car Care is the best choice for transmission ...
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