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Tips for Staying on Top of Your Car’s Maintenance Needs


It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a brand new car off the lot today or you are in the middle of a long-term relationship with a twenty-year-old clunker, staying on top of your car’s maintenance needs is the best way to not only get the most out of your car but to also reduce your […]

The Mysterious Case of the Vibrating Vehicle


There comes a point in every driver’s life when they suddenly notice the steering wheel vibrating. Not only is the sensation unsettling, but it also makes driving downright uncomfortable. Here are a few reasons your ride may have started to shimmy and shake during your daily commute. The Road is Uneven If the vibration suddenly […]

How to Choose an Outstanding Mechanic in Palmdale


Not only did you spend a lot of money on your car, but it’s also an important part of your life. You need it to run smoothly so that you can get to work, pick up the kids, and take weekend trips to remote getaways. An outstanding mechanic is a key component to making sure […]

Is it Time to Get Your Car Serviced?

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We’ve all heard that we should get our car serviced but not all of us know when this should happen or what the servicing actually entails. The general rule of thumb for most cars is that they should be seen by a mechanic about once a year or every 12,000-15,000 miles. These regular intervals give […]

Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage

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You can’t drive if your car doesn’t have any gas, but that doesn’t mean that stopping to fill up doesn’t hurt. The fact that the cost of gas is in a constant state of flux makes it difficult to work the expense into your weekly budget. While you’re wrestling with how much money you should […]

Yes, Your Vehicle Tune-Up is Important!

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Things like regular oil changes and rotating your tires are easy to remember. Making sure our vehicle’s get to the garage for routine car repair and tune-ups often slip our minds. There are a few reasons tune-ups are often forgotten. The first is because they don’t occur nearly as often as the stuff we do […]

The Importance of Using a Reliable Palmdale Mechanic to Prep Your Vehicle for College


Many college students are prepping to go to college. Part of the preparation process is eyeballing their vehicle and trying to figure out just what it will take to make it ready for the upcoming college semester. Most students will change the oil, top up the gas tank, and consider themselves prepared. The smart students […]

Is Your Timing Belt Trying to Tell you Something?

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There was a time when timing belts were found in all vehicles. The strong, ribbed belt was essential to making sure that both the cranks and the camshafts were properly timed. A damaged timing belt resulted in the upper and lower sections of your vehicle’s engine to fall out of synch with one another. Which […]

Listen to Your Car – Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light


While cars can’t speak to us, they do their best to tell us when something is wrong through the lights on the dashboard. Some vehicle owners may choose to ignore those signals when they come on, but it’s important to always listen to what your car is telling you. For example, we often hear about […]

Smelly Car Syndrome And How A Cooling System Flush Helps Your Car


When your car’s cabin starts to smell sweet or like something is burning when you run heating/cooling, that’s a sign that it’s time to get your coolant flushed. If you think you can just power through the smell to save money, you’re running the risk of your vehicle breaking down due to overheating. Coolant doesn’t […]